The Library at the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla received more than 700 books at the research level in mathematics and physics which greatly strengthens its existing collection. The bibliographical treasures were donated last summer.


The collection was part of the personal library of Dr. Andrew F. Sobczyk, a prominent mathematician known in the scientific circles for his contribution to functional analysis and other areas of mathematics. The collection, entitled the Andrew F. Sobczyk Memorial Mathematics Book Collection , was donated to the Universidad de las Americas, Puebla by the scientist’s widow Mrs. Aurellia W. Sobczyk, with support from the American Mathematical Society which covered the cost of customs duty and shipment from the United States. Professor Sobczyk, of Polish ancestry, spent most of his life working at different American universities including the Oregon State University, Boston University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His last post was at the Clemson University in South Carolina, where he was instrumental in the creation of the doctoral program in mathematics.


The private collection consists of more than 700 classical works on mathematics and physics acquired by the scientist during his many years of mathematical research. They have both academic and historical value, marking many of the notable advances of 20th century mathematics. In order to preserve the historical value of this donation, all of the books were labeled with the ancient coat of arms of the Sobczyk Family. The purpose of the exlibris is to mark the books as part of a private collection which can be identified after their incorporation into the general library archives. All of the collection has already been cataloged and can be accessed through the general electronic search as well as loaned out to the general public. It has been agreed with the donors and the Department of Actuary Science, Physics and Mathematics of our University that the Andrew F. Sobczyk Memorial Mathematics Book Collection will be physically incorporated into the general CIRIA University Library archives after a period of one year. During this time the Andrew F. Sobczyk Memorial Mathematics Book Collection will be displayed on the second floor of the library in a special place of honor separated from the rest of the archives.


The academic value of this collection is above all for research work and postgraduate studies. These classical materials usually serve as the basis for any new scientific theory. Mrs. Aurellia W. Sobczyk’s intention is that the collection will serve in the formation of new knowledge and the further progress of science. Dr. Andres Ramos Ramirez, Chairman of the Department of Mathematics is convinced that this goal will be well served. The Department had been interested in the acquisition of this important collection for some time, however not possessing sufficient space nor resources for lending materials, it was logical that the University library accepted this valuable donation. Another advantage is that the Collection can be made available to a much wider community both inside and outside of the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla (UDLA).


One of the reasons which influenced the Sobczyk Family’s decision to donate this important collection of books to UDLA was the fact that the son of Professor Andrew Sobczyk, Dr. Garret Sobczyk, is a full time professor of this university. The donation ceremony took place during the last Summer Semester. It was attended by the family of the late Prof. Andrew F. Sobczyk, his widow Mrs. Aurellia W. Sobczyk, and granddaughter, Katie Sobczyk who came from the South Carolina, USA, to pay homage to their distinguished family member. Also present were students and professors of the Department of Actuary and Mathematics, among them the department chairman, Dr. Andres Ramos Ramirez and Dr. Garret Sobczyk who spoke about his father’s greatest accomplishments of his life as a researcher and his own experiences growing up as the son of a great mathematician. Mrs. Aurellia W. Sobczyk expressed her satisfaction with the final destiny of her husband’s books praising the CIRIA Library installations and the picturesque UDLA campus, which she had previously explored. She took advantage of the occasion to visit the most prestigious Special CIRIA Library Collection of materials of special historical and cultural value, among them the original Codices of the Ancient Aztec Civilization dating back to the times of the Great Conquest of Mexico.


CIRIA already possesses a series of notable collections and unique works. The Andrew F. Sobczyk Memorial Mathematics Book Collection is one more important addition to the bibliographical wealth of our University.



Yulia A. Ostrovskaya

Universidad de las Américas CIRIA Library

November 2006



 Yulia Ostrovskaya, Aurellia Sobczyk (seen cutting ribbon),

Garret Sobczyk at the  Opening Ceremony in front of the

donated Collection.



Katie Sobczyk, Yulia Ostrovskaya, Garret Sobczyk, Aurellia Sobczyk





Reyla Navaro, Andress Ramos, Aurellia Sobczyk, Garret Sobczyk,

Katie Sobczyk, Wanda Sobczyk